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Familiar Faces: Lucky and Jay

by Prima Games Staff

With all the brand-new additions to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it’s easy to forget about all the great things you love that are sticking around! Some of your favorite neighbors from past Animal Crossing games are making a welcome return. We’re wrapping up the series with a real odd couple. Though they both dress similarly, you couldn’t find a more different pair than Lucky and Jay.



Poor Lucky, still swathed in bandages. Why he’s always wrapped up like a pharaoh is a mystery that’s remained unanswered in every Animal Crossing game since the first. His No. 23 shirt might suggest an accident on the field while playing sports. But then again, it’s hard for most villagers to keep up with the likes of Jay and the other dedicated, athletic villagers.

It’s understandable that Lucky takes it a bit easier than your other neighbors given his head-to-toe tangle. He’s more than happy to relax at home and talk about his favorite hobbies. The exotic yet comfortable Egyptian theme of his residence sure matches his wrappings, but his tastes are still a bit surprising for a dog considering Ancient Egypt’s worship of cats. 



Jay hasn’t slowed down a bit since his debut in the very first Animal Crossing game. He’s still proudly representing his No. 6 jersey and is as pumped as ever to take to the field or work out, though he really aspires to be a racecar driver. The distinctive patch of red on his head makes him easy to spot in the distance speeding around town energetically.

It might surprise his less friendly neighbors to know this bird’s tough and athletic exterior belies a very refined sense of taste. Jay is quite the collector and connoisseur of classical music and you shouldn’t be surprised to find some instruments in his house. 

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