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Familiar Faces: Goldie and Del

by Prima Games Staff

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, many of your favorite villagers are returning, and this week we’re profiling Goldie and Del. What returning neighbors are you most excited for?



There may be no other villager more excited to meet new neighbors in Animal Crossing: New Leaf than Goldie. You can be sure this chipper and cheerful gal is always happy to see you, whether her tail is wagging or not. If you need some help or just someone to talk to, you can count on her to be warm and welcoming.

As a canine, she embodies the traits of loyalty and friendliness. She doesn’t even mind too much when people forget to celebrate her birthday on December 27th. This caring and empathetic neighbor understands that almost everyone is usually recovering from all the Toy Day celebrating. She’s just happy everyone is enjoying the holiday season!



Del’s accusatory eyes and somewhat sour attitude can put off a lot of neighbors in town. Sometimes competition brings out the worst in people and Del would much rather enjoy relax with his hobbies than win a prize. But once you get past his hard, scaly exterior, Del can be a trusty pal to have in your corner—and not just because of his impressively sharp lower teeth. 

Don’t judge Del too harshly based on first impressions. This grumpy alligator is probably just tired of his species being lumped in with crocodiles and stereotyped as predators. Not to mention how lonely it is as the only returning alligator villager. Hopefully, he’ll be able to set aside his attitude long enough to make friends with the new alligator villagers who are making their debut in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

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