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Fallout 76 Update Will Give Players Their Own Shop, Legendary Exchange Machines

by Liana Ruppert

Fallout 76 takes the wasteland online and while players have been trading and selling items since day one, Bethesda is looking to make those wares more appealing for fans. Patch 9 is on the way and brings with it the addition of Vending Machines and Legendary Exchange Machines. 

According to the studio, “These vending machines will allow you to turn a profit by selling items you’ve made or found during your adventures. You can also visit other Dwellers’ C.A.M.P.s to pick up new gear for your collection.

“Once you build a Vending Machine, you can assign items to it directly from your Stash and choose the Cap prices you’d like buyers to pay for them. Items you place in your Vending Machine will remain in your Stash, but they will also display a new vending icon next to their names so that it’s easy to identify what you’ve marked for sale at a glance. You will receive a notification whenever a buyer snatches up one of your wares. Caps from your sale, minus a nominal fee of 10% to maintain a healthy in-game economy, will be added to your Cap balance.”

Players can even advertise their wares as well, as long as they aren’t Wanted for misconduct. These stores are movable as well, so if you get nuked – not all is lost. 

Legendary Exchange Machines are also on the way! According to Bethesda, “The Purveyor is a new Mole Miner vendor who will be making her way to the Wasteland later this month, but she doesn’t deal in Caps. When she opens the doors to her shop, you’ll be able to exchange a new type of currency, called Legendary Scrip, for legendary items. To help you prepare for the Purveyor’s arrival, we’re adding Legendary Exchange Machines that you can use to break down your unwanted legendary items and turn them into Scrip.” 

Weapon adjustments, Leaderboard changes, and more are also on the way. You can learn all about the upcoming update right here. Don’t forget to also check out our Fallout 76 Game Hub here for tips, tricks, and other gaming news. 

Liana Ruppert

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