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Fallout 76 2021 Roadmap Revealed

by Jesse Vitelli

Fallout 76 has been evolving ever since its rocky release back in 2019. The team over at Bethesda Games Studio has been putting in the work to try and turn things around. Today the team revealed its 2021 roadmap and everything players can expect from Fallout 76 this year. 

Fallout 76 2021 Roadmap Revealed 

This spring the Locked and Loaded will introduce a bunch of new content pertaining to your camps. S.P.E.C.I.A.L loadouts, C.A.M.P slots, Mannequins, and an all-new daily ops expansion. You can check out a deeper dive into all of these features right here.

In the summer players can expect the conclusion to the Brotherhood of Steel story that started last year. This update will include new quests, locations, NPC’s, and new rewards. This update will also include new craftable legendary gear.

Moving on to the fall players can see changes to Private Worlds. There isn’t much more information given here, but it sounds like big changes will be coming. 

The final update for the year will be coming in Winter. Here’s the official description from the Bethesda website. 

“Face off against all-new dangers with an all-new out-of-this-world event. Public Challenge: Invaders from Beyond will unite everyone across the server to complete challenges, face off against all-new foes and earn some stellar new rewards.

The Cultists of Appalachia are up to something sinister in a brand-new Seasonal event: The Ritual! Help the cultists in Point Pleasant prepare an exciting and dangerous ritual, and they’ll repay you with unique rewards.”

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