Bethesda has given away a little more information on it’s upcoming DLC pack, The Pitt in Official Xbox Magazine this month.

The Pitt is set in Pittsburgh, and is made up of a steel yard (vaguely resembling a kind of dungeon), and a settlement comprised of two factions; slaves and masters.

Within one of the main quests, a mission that involves more sweet-talking than sharp-shooting, there is rumor the Raider boss has discovered a cure to mutation.

Amongst the main quests the player can also find side-missions, new items (the “AutoAxe” being one of these), and according to a feature in Game Informer, three new perks (“Auto Axpert” amongst these) and a new enemy known as mutant “trogs”.

The Pitt is due in March, being the second pack after the already-released Operation: Anchorage.

The Pitt is most likely accessed through an underground railroad somewhere outside of the Capital Wasteland…

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