Bethesda has warned of a delay in the release in the next two packs for Fallout 3: The Pitt and Broken Steel.

Gamespot reports that both packs are to arrive a month later than their original release dates. The Pitt is to arrive in March and Broken Steel in April.

The Pitt will see the player in a ruined, raider-controlled Pittsburgh and calls for tough decisions regarding allegiance with far-reaching consequences.

Broken Steel, much-anticipated due to, amongst other things, a raise in the level cap by 10 is set after the main quest, effectively stopping the end being a real end.

The downloadable content is so far only available to Xbox 360 and PC. Operation: Anchorage, the first of the three announced extras, is out now for 800 Microsoft Points. This releases puts the player in a simulated world on a stealthy mission in a snowy Alaska trying to keep back Chinese invaders.

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