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Fall Guys Challenges Brands, Highest Charity Donation Gets Exclusive Skin

by Eric Garrett

Following the rapid success Mediatonic has garnered with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, brands began flocking to Twitter to attempt to get a skin in the game. The devs were all about the attention, but are now turning it into something truly good in the name of charity.

The Fall Guys Twitter account recently sent out a tweet for “Battle of the Brands.” The challenge for brands is rather simple as all they have to do is respond to the tweet with the highest amount of money they would be willing to donate to SpecialEffect, a UK-based charity organization who specializes in helping gamers with physical disabilities. After two weeks, the highest bidder will claim victory, with the prize being an exclusive Fall Guys skin based on the winner’s brand.

At the time of writing, notable YouTuber MrBeast has entered with a bid of $100,000. This, of course, was after a bidet company submitted a bid of $40,000.01 along with a Fall Guys skin design that was simply a t-shirt that read “Ask me about my butthole.” With this only being the first day of bidding, it is anyone’s guess as to where the offers will go from here. We’ve already seen high bids from the likes of Warframe, server-hosting companies, clothing companies, and more. Also, if the brand is deemed offensive, the Fall Guys devs have already promised to yeet that pledge and go with the next highest bidder.

After the two weeks, one brand or person will claim victory. It does make one wonder if there will be any people who aren’t associated with a brand swoop in at the last moment to say they’ve got their own skin in Fall Guys. Plus, it’s for charity, which makes it that much better. Either way, we know there will be at least one exclusive skin coming to the popular battle royale title at some point in the future, and we’ll find out before it leaks since it will be happening in real time.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently available on PC and PlayStation 4, with PlayStation Plus subscribers being able to obtain the game for free until the end of August. For even more floppy jellybean goodness, be sure to check out our game hub!

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