Cartoon adaptations of our favorite games is nothing new but when done, fans hope that they stay as close to the source material as possible. It's because of that relationship with the inspiration that the new report suggesting a canceled Metroid cartoon originally wanted Samus to be male was quite surprising.  

A former DIC Animation employee's estate became under auction and several of the pieces up for grabs was original artwork and plans for Super Mario Bros. Power Hour and Metroid tv shows. What makes that odd is that Samus being female was the catalyst for the series! The original Nintendo experience had players lead all the way to the end before they met the face under Metroid's helmet. Even in 8-bit, players could see she was a woman, which during that time was an extreme twist that delighted many. 

To take that iconic and pivotal moment that spawned an entire franchise and make it non-existent seems like a pretty "off" choice, which makes sense then why the pilot never left the ground. Now a true to Samus Metroid adaptation? That, that we will listen to.

What do you think? Would have wanted to see a Metroid cartoon series make such a complete change to Samus, or is it just not that serious? Sound off by hitting us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames

Thanks, Kotaku