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Fable Anniversary Launching February 4th

by Prima Games Staff

When Fable initially launched for the Xbox, it brought an overwhelming adventure to the system, one filled with hours of gameplay. For those of you who missed out on it the first time around, though, you’ll get another chance soon enough.

Lionhead Studios has announced that it will launch Fable Anniversary on Xbox 360 on February 4h in the U.S., and on the 7th I Europe. The game features fully upgraded HD visuals, remastered audio, a number of Achievements to unlock, SmartGlass integration, and the Lost Chapters content already included on the disc.

Those of you who pick up the game on the first day will also get access to a special Launch Day Weapons & Outfits Pack, which includes a Scythe’s Outfit, a Black Graduate Outfit, a Red Prophet Outfit, a Blue Guard Outfit, a Red Guard Outfit, a Lute Weapon, and a Wii User’s Sceptre Weapon. A 10th’s Anniversary Lion’s Head Avatar Helmet will also be included for these buyers.

We’ll have more coverage of Fable Anniversary in the weeks ahead. It looks like Microsoft will start the year off right.

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