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Fable 4 Details Leaked, Including Multiplayer And Its Potential Open-World

by Liana Ruppert

Fable 4 rumors and leaks are nothing new, and now that Xbox’s E3 press conference is happening this weekend, that rumor mill is in full swing. When the studio behind the infamous Fable franchise shut down, the devastation was immediately felt among hardcore fans. With Microsoft boasting their biggest, most surprise-filled, E3 yet, a new Fable 4 rumor has surfaced and this is one that could be a winner. 

According to a recent leak over on Reddit, “Albion and Aurora are gone. ‘Lands reduced to fables.’ The Spire was rebuilt and used by a mad king to wish that an asteroid would strike the planet. He also wished it would happen again in the far future. Eons later and everything is new (medieval themed, new continents) and you have to stop the destruction of the planet again. Theresa and a Heroes Guild are preserved on another planet via a demon door. Time Travel heavily involved in play. Jack of Blades returns.”

Other features include: 

  • First/Third Person
  • In Depth character creator
  • Completely Open
  • No guns
  • Can ignore main quest and never become a hero
  • Players can build towns, ties into main quest heavily if you get the bad ending and fail
  • Multiplayer
  • Unreal Engine

The possibility of this being legitimate is higher than usual since we know that Microsoft is very much interested in a new Fable and that it will, predictably, be for the Xbox One. The developer being heavily rumored to be PlayGround Studios, with many leaks and hiring boards to back up this prediction.

Whether it will truly be another Fable or simple a “spiritual successor” to that of Fable 3 also remains to be seen, but we’ve got a very delicate hope that perhaps we’ll learn more at this year’s E3. After all, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has promised the “Biggest E3 yet” with “more than a few surprises.” You want to make me cry like a huge baby, Spencer? Announce Fable 4.