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Exploring the Vigors of BioShock Infinite – Part 1 of 2

by Prima Games Staff

The world of Columbia is a dangerous place. Beneath the pristine architecture and religious undertones lies a vicious land being ripped apart by a civil war. The Followers of the Founders are focused on preserving their utopia at all cost. The Vox Populi wants to free their people from a tyrannical rule. As Booker Dewitt you are caught in the middle with one simple task, “Bring Them The Girl, And Wipe Away The Debt.”

To survive Columbia you will need more than  a pistol or a shotgun. Vigors alter the chemistry of Booker’s body and give you unimaginable abilities. We are going to explain those Vigors in detail so that you will be prepared to escape Columbia.


Possession is the first vigor that you will obtain within the world of Columbia. In the beginning Possession only allows you to possess machines. This is helpful for squeezing some extra coin out of the vending machines and controlling turrets in battle.

Once this vigor is upgraded, Booker will be able to possess humans during battle. This is helpful when Booker is bombarded by a wave of enemies and low on ammo. Possessing soldiers allows Booker an advantage in combat. There is also no reason to worry if the human you possess will turn on you as it comes with a fail safe. If the possessed human survives, he will commit suicide.

Combat Uses

-Possessing vending machines for money.
-Possessing enemies when in battle to make them your ally. (Includes turrets)
-Turrets will turn on you once the effect has worn off.
-Lasts shorter on heavy enemies and will not work on the Handyman or Boy of Silence.

Combination Shock

-Possession + Devil’s Kiss: Possessed Fire Conduit – nearby enemies will also burn.
-Possession + Shock Jockey: Possessed Lighting Conduit – nearby enemies will be electrocuted.


Devil’s Kiss is achieved after killing your first Fireman. Activating this Vigor causes Booker’s hands to burn and boil. This Vigor allows Booker to create balls of fire that will ignite near by enemies and set them on fire.

Devil’s Kiss can also be used to set a traps that when activated by enemies will set them on fire. Once upgraded, the fireballs that Booker throws will explode and create smaller clusters of fireballs that can be used to clear a area of enemies.

Combat Uses
-Great for immediately taking out normal enemies.
-Can be used on heavy enemies like the Handyman.
-Proves very effective on the Siren and Crow.
-Firemen are immune.

Combination Shock
-Devil’s Kiss + Possession: Possessed Fire Conduit – nearby enemies will also burn.
-Devil’s Kiss + Charge: Target spawns multiple firebombs.
-Devil’s Kiss + Bucking Bronco: Firebombs launch from floating enemy.


Murder of Crows is one of the most useful Vigors in the game. It is acquired after defeating the first Crow you encounter in the game. This Vigor brings a crow that lands on Booker’s arm, with a piece of human flesh hanging from its mouth.

This Vigor provides a few uses. It distracts the targeted enemy while simultaneously causing damage. This distraction allows Booker to get in close and deliver the killing blow. Once upgraded, Booker can create a Crow’s Nest, which will unleash a murder on anyone who activates it.

Combat Uses
-Very useful when facing a group of enemies.
-Allows Booker to get in close on enemies.
-When upgraded, the crows will attack more than one enemy at a time.

Combination Shock
-Murder of Crows + Devil’s Kiss: Set’s Crows on fire, igniting nearby enemies.
-Murder of Crows + Shock Jockey: Electrifies Crows and electrocutes nearby enemies.

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