It has been confirmed by Disney that Epic Mickey 2 will be released alongside the Nintendo Wii U on November 30 in the UK.

Bill Roper, Disney Interactive VP and general manager of production said “It’s exciting to bring Nintendo fans Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two on Nintendo’s revolutionary new game system.” He also stated that the Wii U’s capabilities will ‘enhance player direction and provide our fans with an immersive as well as unique gaming experience.”

The GamePad will be utilised by displaying a real-time map in Mickey’s virtual world; it can also be used to activate sketches to use whilst you are playing the game.

Various studios are working on developing the game across the platforms. Heavy Iron, creator of games based on The Incredibles and Wall-E, are making the Wii U version, while, Blitz Game Studios are making it for the PS3 and Xbox 360.