A few months back, we noticed that some listings overseas indicated that Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two would be coming to the PlayStation Vita.  We haven't heard anything since, but today Sony finally let the Mouse out of the bag.

Epic Mickey 2 is in fact coming to PS Vita, and you'll be able to play it starting next month.  In a PlayStation Blog post, product planning director Don Mesa talks about the port, which includes a number of enhanced features over the original game.  This comes mostly with new control features implemented with the Vita's touch-screen, as well as orientation-based controls for both the camera and driving segments.

You can also use the touch-screen to issue instructions to AI, select, drag and drop sketches, and more.  Network connectivity will also be included, in case you feel like bringing a friend along.

Epic Mickey 2 will hit stores on June 18th, just a week after E3 concludes in Los Angeles next month. Look for it in retail form and as a digital download.