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Eli Roth Is Directing New Borderlands Movie For Lionsgate

by Liana Ruppert

Another month, another video game adaptation this time a Borderlands movie is in the works for Lionsgate with none other than Eli Roth at the helm as director. Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford took to Twitter to share the explosive news with a tweet confirming Roth’s role: 

The comment section was alight with surprise at the announcement, though rumors have been circulating here and there over the past year. Lionsgate also sent out a press release confirming Roth’s role as well in addition to Avi Arad, Randy Pitchford, and Strauss Zelnick along as executive producers. 

“I’m so excited to dive into the world of Borderlands and I could not be doing it with a better script, producing team, and studio. I have a long, successful history with Lionsgate – I feel like we have grown up together and that everything in my directing career has led to a project of this scale and ambition,” Roth said in the initial press release

“I look forward to bringing my own energy, ideas, and vision to the wild, fun, and endlessly creative world of the game. Randy Pitchford and everyone at Gearbox have been incredibly supportive of my ideas – it really feels like a perfect storm of creators coming together. We are out to make a new classic, one which the fans of the game will love, but also one which will find new audiences globally.”

As a huge fan of Roth’s Cabin Fever movie, I’m excited to see how he takes to the world of Pandora. What are your thoughts on the latest news of a Borderlands movie on the horizon? Hit us up on Twitter @PrimaGames

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