The demand for yesterday's highly anticipated PC release SimCity went through the roof for Electronic Arts, to the point that the servers couldn't take the demand – a lot of users weren't able to get online with the game as a result.  EA has since apologized for the online trouble, and have launched a server update which "should help to improve game performance," according to a representative.

The update should be live by the time you read this, and will include the following fixes:

Trading not working consistently

Unable to load/claim city errors (these are a big one amongst most users)

Getting stuck in a loop in the tutorial

If you're still not able to get online, don't worry, you will shortly, and then you'll be able to experience the city-building phenomenon that's bound to keep millions of would-be builders busy.  (Be sure to check out our SimCity strategy pieces in the meantime, including this helpful little piece.

SimCity is available now for PC and Steam.