EA Sports likes implementing online play for a variety of its games, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to stick around forever.  In fact, some of them will be going offline as soon as…tomorrow.

Relax, current releases like FIFA Soccer 13 and Mass Effect 3 are certainly safe.  But if you play some of EA's classic games that released around two years ago, we've got some bad news.  EA has announced that it will cease online servers for some of these older titles starting January 3rd, and include the following…

FIFA Manager 11

FIFA Soccer 11

FIFA Soccer 11 Ultimate Team

Madden NFL 11

Madden NFL 11 Ultimate Team

NBA Jam (the original retail release, not the On Fire Edition)

NBA Live 10


NHL 11

NHL 11 Ultimate Team

We understand most of these games, but NBA Live 10 and NBA Jam are significant ones, as that means, outside of the On Fire Edition, EA isn't hosting any NBA-related online action through its sports library.

We're not sure how some folks will react to this, but there's bound to be some outrage, we're guessing…