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Elden Ring Revealed With New Trailer From the Creator Of Dark Souls And George R.R Martin

by John Cooper

After a couple of weeks of speculation and rumours, we finally got to see the new FromSoftware game. Elden Ring is something of an anomaly in the industry thanks it being a collaboration between now only Miyazaki of Dark Souls fame, but also George R R Martin, the author of the books Game of Thrones is based on. After the success of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice the studio has a lot to live up to, but if anything was going to manage it then this dream team is probably the best possible start.

The trailer showed off a person holding up a still twitching arm before showing off what seemed to be a god crafting the world. With a dark narrative and high-fantasy look, the trailer showed off a lot of very cool things, none of which made a lot of sense. Touted as being FromSoftware’s “largest game to-date” the title looks incredible, but no actual gameplay was shown, so we are all just left scrabbling around hoping that somebody tells us more soon.

Of course, we can expect a hugely detailed world and a plethora of interesting characters thanks to this unique mix of FromSoftware and George R R Martin. 

It will be coming at some point, which gives people just about enough time to get over the conversation regarding the difficulty in games we all had around Sekiro and prepare for yet another wave of it. We all really wanted a release date, but there is only so much we deserve apparently. 

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