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Earn Victories in a Wedding Gown in PUBG’s 9.2 Update

by Morgan Shaver

Attention PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players, a new update is coming that adds some eye-catching flair to the game. Specifically, the ability to kick butt and take names while wearing a wedding gown thanks to the Battle Bride Pass. 

Earn Victories in a Wedding Gown in PUBG’s 9.2 Update

PUBG is getting some fresh content via the 9.2 Update including a wedding day look for Sadiya Qureshi. If you’re wondering what the significance of this look is, you’ll find the full story of the “Legend of the Battlegrounds Bride” over on the PUBG website.

Not only is it an engaging read in and of itself, it’s also helpful when it comes to understanding the meaning behind Sadiya’s wedding gown look. To earn some truly one-of-a-kind outfits for Sadiya, PUBG players will need to grab the Battle Bride Pass which is available from now until December 16.

Note that the Battle Bride Pass will run a total of 28 days from the date of your purchase, so if you get the Battle Bride Pass on December 1 for example, you’ll still have a full 28 days to work your way through it. 

Unlike other season passes, the Battle Bride Pass works as a “premium track pass” with 15 levels and the ability to level up by gaining XP. You can’t use level up coupons with the Battle Bride Pass, but you can purchase levels using G-Coin if needed.

The Battle Bride Pass contains more than a wedding gown look as it offers three distinct outfits for players to choose from.

To start, let’s take a moment to appreciate the aesthetic of the wedding dress itself which blends classical, romantic textures with modern touches.

The gown has a strapless bodice embellished with handmade lace, and is cut short to a mini length with a multi-tiered skirt. 

It’s perfect for mobility on the battlefield. Sadiya has paired it with accessories including a Victorian-inspired lace choker, hair comb veil, and white Mary Jane heels.

According to the added backstory provided about the gown itself, all of the materials used to make it were “sourced locally on Karakin, which is home to the Jamila textile factory” and is great for tempering the Karakin heat and evading gunfire.  

When talking about backstory, the Battle Bride Pass is done in an extremely interesting way in that Sadiya’s outfits follow the motion comic of her origin story which you can watch on the PUBG YouTube channel.

The wedding gown transitions to a new look with combat boots and a harness, and Sadiya looks more than ready to face the dangers of PUBG’s dusty desert deathbowl. 

Following the combat boot and harness look in the Battle Bride pass is a simpler, more neutral look. While it’s a bit more toned down, it’s still stylish as heck with its cream, cold shoulder top and asymmetric lace print.

To match this top, Sadiya has on a pair of dark khaki jeggings that are great for breathability and movement, and they help protect her legs from the dust she’s bound to kick up as she runs along taking out foes and taking names. 

Speaking of running, the outfit also has Sadiya in a pair of functional desert tone combat boots. To add some additional flair, Sadiya has on a pair of cateye shades along with her wedding veil and a limited edition Jamila print backpack. 

Every element works together wonderfully. If you’re as eager and ready as we are to don these outfits in PUBG, you’ll be happy to hear that the Battle Bride Pass is available for purchase right now and will be available until December 16.

Again, you’ll have 28 days from the time of purchase to earn XP, hit all 15 levels, and unlock everything. As for the 9.2 Update, it’s live on PC servers today, November 18. For console players, the 9.2 Update will be live starting November 26. 

The 9.2 Update is live on PC servers starting today, November 18. For console players, you’ll be able to enjoy the 9.2 Update starting November 26.


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