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EA Teases a Possible Return to Steam

by Liana Ruppert

Is this a literal hot take? Because it sure looks like a literal hot take. Steamy. Earlier during the weekend, Electronic Arts tweeted out a simple gif of a steaming cuppa. While it may not look like much, we think this could mean that EA is teasing a return of their games through Steam which would mean their Origin client might not have their exclusives for much longer. This would be great, because that would mean my beloved Mass Effect 3 can finally be played with the previous two games! Oh, and sports …

The veered off path from our lord and savior Gabe Newell began with Battlefield 3 back in 2011 and since then prior games that made it onto Steam were eventually pulled to be an Origin exclusive. To further that Valve speculation, Twitter user @RobotBrush ran a test application to run certain EA Origin games through Steam, further providing proof that this tease is teasing exactly what we think it is: 

Apex Legends, FIFA, Madden, Titanfall … *cough* Mass Effect 3* … the sky is the limit so excuse us as we get a little emotional over the above indications.

What do you think EA is teasing? A Steam return or is it just a stupid cup of coffee and we’re all a bunch of nerds for looking too much into it? Sound off with your own theories over on Twitter @PrimaGames! Even if it is just to yell at us for the big nerds we are. 


Liana Ruppert

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