As most of Ireland has suspected for months, Connor McGregor finished Dustin Poirier at UFC 178... if you're to believe an EA Sports UFC video game simulation, that is.

The team over at EA Canada recently decided to have a little fun and simulate the highly anticipated matchup between two of the sport's most interesting prospects, who are scheduled to meet on one of the most stacked cards in recent UFC history.

How did the fight go down?

Round one was a mixture of striking and ground work, with Poirier landing the frame's only take down and working some ground-and-pound. McGregor survived the first, then came out in the second and put a series of head kicks together, sending Poirier to the mat. It was there the McGregor pounced and finished the fight.

Check out the video below, then hit us up in the comments. How accurate do you think this simulation is? Will McGregor stop Poirier to continue his run in the UFC?