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EA Sports Steps Back into the Octagon for UFC 3

by Josh Hawkins

EA Sports is looking to continue its run in the Octagon, and the UFC series will return with UFC 3 on February 2, 2018. This will be the third UFC game in the series, and the sports-based publisher has some big plans in the works to help make the game a standout feature for UFC lovers. On top of the usual bits and bobs that make the UFC series so fun, the game will also include a newly enhanced career mode, which will allow players to promote individual fights, create new rivalries, and help push their fights into the spotlight even more.

This newly enhanced career mode—called G.O.A.T.—will allow players to build up hype and a followership for their fighters, which will then help them land very lucrative fight contracts. The game will also include an in-game social media system, which allows users to advertise their fights and fuel their rivalries even more.

UFC 3 will also include a couple new ways for players to take on multiplayer fights, which EA touts as being designed for fun, fast fights. The two new modes—aptly named “Stand and Bang” and “Submission Showdown” are set to come out alongside Knockout Mode, which was introduced in UFC 2. According to Brian Hayes, the game’s creative director, UFC 3 will include “a complete overhaul to gameplay” and he even touted that “ever move is more strategic and looks more authentic and beautiful”.

On top of the new modes, and the official reveal of UFC 3’s release date, EA Sports has also announced that Conor McGregor, the only UFC fighter to hold UFC titles in two weight classes at the same time, will be the game’s cover star. This is the second time that McGregor will take the leading spotlight as the box shot for EA Sport’s UFC Series, as he was also on the box shot for EA Sports UFC 2 back in 2016. To see some of UFC 3 in action, be sure to check out the trailer which we’ve embedded below.