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EA Sports Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of NHL ’94

by Prima Games Staff

At one point in time, it was easier to be content with a simple game set up.  Case in point is NHL ’94 for the Sega Genesis – it didn’t have online play, high-tech animation, or even an updated weekly roster.  But damn was it good fun to play, emulating the sport as good as 16-bit hardware could do and we still love it today.

We’re not the only ones, as EA Sports is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the game this week with plenty of highlights on the official NHL website which you can find here.  There are plenty of things to look over, including a highlight reel, interviews with those who played the game in its heyday (somehow they missed talking to me, heh) and a few written and video features.  If you’ve got the time – and can put down NHL 13 for a few minutes – be sure to head over and swim around in the video game nostalgia.

Now, if only EA would include the game in the upcoming NHL 14.  We’d even take it as an unlockable…

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