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EA Sports Brings the FIFA 14 Facts

by Prima Games Staff

With FIFA 14 now available across the board for current and next-gen consoles alike, EA Sports is no doubt enjoying the success the soccer franchise has brought. Today, the company felt compelled to share a few fun facts with us about the series, and its worldwide popularity.

So, every 90 minutes, 459,000 games of FIFA 14 are being played around the world. 3.66 million shots are made in this timeframe, and 991,000 goals are scored. That’s every 90 minutes.

In addition, the top goal scorers in the game are Cristiano Ronaldo, leading with 35.2 million, followed by Karim Benzema with 26.7 million and Mario Madzukic with 20.2 million.

The most played match-up in the game is Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich, with 9.6 million matches thus far.

Players that are transferred the most between clubs are Christian Benteke, Felipe Santana and Ignazio Abate.

Finally, the German football club, Bayern Munich, has managed to post the most wins in match-ups against Real Madrid and Barcelona – and those are the two highest ranked soccer clubs in the world.

FIFA 14 is available now for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.