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EA Shows off War Stories Campaign in New Battlefield V Trailer

by Josh Hawkins

DICE and EA are starting to amp things up as we grow closer and closer to the release of Battlefield V. In the latest trailer for the upcoming first-person-shooter, players get a glimpse at some of the characters and stories that they’ll be able to experience in the War Stories singleplayer campaign for Battlefield V.

In the War Stories campaign, players will be able to take part in the resistance fights in Norway as the troops in Nordlys work to fight back the German occupation, sabotaging things behind enemy lines in the story, Under No Flag. In Tirailleur, players will join up the fight for a home that they’ve never seen, working to resist the occupational forces as they try to make it home in one piece. Finally, players can dive headfirst into The Last Tiger—which will be available in December—as the crew of the Tiger I begin to question their fight, their lives on the line like never before.

There’s no information yet on how long the War Stories campaigns will run, though we expect that players will have a good few hours in each one as they explore, fight and work their way through the different stories that DICE has to tell. On top of the campaign, players will also have the main multiplayer to dive into, which features all-out-warfare on a massive scale.

Battlefield V will release on November 20, giving players plenty of action and story to dive into. Make sure you check out the latest trailer for the War Stories campaign mode. We’ll have more information about Battlefield V as we grow closer to launch, so keep your eyes peeled and your controllers ready as we prepare to dive into the latest entry in DICE’s hit first-person-shooter series.


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