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Dying Light 2’s Consequences Won’t Always Be Immediately Revealed

by Liana Ruppert

Dying Light 2 is the sequel that fans of the first game need. It takes everything we loved about the first game and makes it even better with RPG-like improvements such as a full-on consequence system, dialogue options, and surreal human interaction. We recently had a chance to see some new footage up close and personal in addition to an opportunity to interview some of the devs, and what we learned definitely puts a fatalistic spin on an already grim tale. 

Speaking with several various members of the dev team during an E3 closed-door presentation, Techland told Prima Games “There are definitely consequences beyond the obvious. Players will be forced to make hard decisions from start to finish and sometimes those fatal consequences won’t reveal themselves until much later in the game. By then, it’s too late to go back which I feel adds to the thrill for survival that we were going for.”

Another team member added, “There are a few moments that are going to make you lose it, I can’t wait to see fan reactions when this game launches.” 

Just from what we saw in our own preview, the scale of consequence is massive, even shaping the entire world! When I asked one member of the dev team how many playthroughs would b required to get everything out of Dying Light 2, he said the first playthrough will only unlock 50% of the game, but to get everything “players will definitely need to play several times.” He added, “I would say at least 4, possibly even 5.” That’s insane but definitely means that the sequel will offer a long shelf life for enjoyment outside of just free roam. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a release date yet but we do know that it will be dropping sometime next year. 

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