Ever since it entered open beta several months back, DUST 514 has been gathering a fair share of PlayStation 3 players.   It is an open-world free-to-play shooter with a lot to offer, especially with its tie-ins with the Even Online universe. 

Finally, after months in open beta, the game has an official launch date.  In a PlayStation Blog post this morning, executive producer Brandon Laurino confirmed that the game will release in full on May 14th on PlayStation 3.

The game will retain its free-to-play status and several updates will be made to make the experience as enriching as possible for PS3 owners.  "Even though DUST 514 is concluding its Beta phase with the phenomenal Uprising update – which includes tons of new stuff, from the major graphics update, to huge new features like player controlled Planetary Conquest – this is just the beginning.  We have more major updates throughout 2013 and for years to come, just like we have done with EVE Online for the past 10 years," stated Laurino.

We'll have some DUST 514 strategies for you soon before the game's official drop on the 14th.  It's time for battle!