Ever since its launch on PlayStation 3 last year, Dust 514, the free-to-play MMO adventure, has attracted a huge audience with its many features. However, CCP, the game's developer, isn't content sticking with the basics. It added more features through a new update.

Talking with Polygon, creative director Atli Mar explained some of the new features coming with Update 1.4, which is due to arrive on September 3rd. A number of performance-based issues will be addressed and fixed with the update, in addition to controller and mouse performance. A new hub will also be introduced, one that gathers player information. You'll see a new corporate tax, which you can find more details about here.

"There aren't a lot of MMOs on consoles so we're really trying to emphasize the need to create regular monthly updates on PlayStation 3," Mar explained.  The studio has so far stuck to this plan, offering a new update to the game every month since launch. "Sony has been really helpful with that."

Dust 514 is available for PlayStation 3.