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Duped Items Deleted in New Fallout 76 Patch

by Prima Games Staff

The long-running “dupocalypse” that has been plaguing Fallout 76 players is now over after a patch issued by Bethesda this morning. Read on to find about the latest Fallout 76 patch.

The update has removed high-level items that some players were duplicating to gain absurd advantages over their fellow vault dwellers. More than 400 weapon and armor items that had been identified as common targets for dupers were fixed, but Bethesda have tried not to let the wipe affect people who had innocently bought a duplicated weapon.

“Players who had multiple copies of any of these duped items, whether they obtained them using an exploit or by acquiring them from another player, will find that all but one of each of those items have been removed from their characters,” the accompanying blog post states.

Therefore if you unwittingly traded a rotten apple to a stranger for a mega powerful laser rifle, you get to keep it. Likewise if you bought one off ebay, though your black market contact’s supply chain is officially cut off so don’t expect any more.

Bethesda has also promised to fix duplicated Power Armor bits that are floating around out there in the wasteland, too. Apparently there aren’t as many of these as you might think, and not everyone has been exploiting to gain an edge. According to the developers, fewer than 1% of players needed to have goodies taken off them. Everyone else is just out here trying to survive.

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