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Dungeons and Dragons Collection Coming To XBLA/PSN?

by Prima Games Staff

Capcom certainly loves its classics, as it’s proven with such releases as Street Fighter III: Online Edition, Marvel vs. Capcom Origins and, most recently, Darkstalkers Resurrection.  But for its next digital release, it could be resurrecting a long-lost arcade brand.  Are you ready to return to the land of Dungeons and Dragons?

Siliconera reported over the weekend that the company will be bringing its Dungeons and Dragons compilation, which features the Tower of Doom and Shadow Over Mystaria arcade games, to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.  And the first public unveiling could happen this weekend at PAX East, as Capcom is teasing two huge announcements to be made at its booth.  Could this be them?

The arcade games feature RPG-style elements, coupled with side-scrolling beat-em-up action that we’ve seen in such coin-op faves as Final Fight and Captain Commando.  The last time those games saw a home release, it was in a compilation for the Sega Saturn, which has now gone sky high in price over on eBay.  So, obviously, a digital home release makes sense.

We’ll let you know how the game fares following this weekend’s events, and provide more details on its release soon.  Let’s fight on!

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