Board game adaptation Dungeon Twister is coming to PS3 tomorrow, July 3rd.

The title was created by Hydravision Games in collaboration with the board game’s creator Christophe Boelinger. It’ll be downloadable on the PlayStation Network and is described as “a mix between chess and Dungeons & Dragons”. The video game adaptation pits two players against each other in a tile-based gauntlet with eight unique characters. The aim of the game is to amuse a mad immortal arch-mage (of course). Each of characters has their own special ability. One can rotate rooms, another can pas through walls, while others can open locked doors or regenerate their health. The game also features a selection of potions that give players extra turns, fireballs or unlock special shortcuts.

The board game is suitable for up to four players but the PS3 version will only be playable for a maximum of two. "The board game can also be played up to four players, but on a console it becomes quite long to wait for your turn. So the two player-option was the good beginning for the video game," said Boelinger, replying to a comment on the US PlayStation Blog.

Boelinger has spoken of a desire to create a Vita version of the game provided the PS3 title performs well enough. "It is not planned on this console yet, but I'm sure that if the game finds its audience on PS3, there will be a PS Vita [version] coming later," he said.

Dungeon Twister arrives tomorrow, July 3th and will be priced at $10. There’s a trailer below: