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Dungeon Siege III: The Plot Thickens

by Prima Games Staff

Today I’ve realized that it’s not simply Dungeon Siege III’s exhilarating combat that engages the player-Obsidian put an equal effort into driving the game’s plot and narrative as well. And it pays off. The many dialogues and story scenes are engaging, and the plot unfolds in a sweeping, epic fashion that one might not expect from such a polished hack and slasher.

To keep the action moving and the blood flying, the story and in-game conversations move quickly in DS3-but those who truly care about the world they’re fighting to save can gain a deeper sense of the game’s history by seeking out special notes, tomes, and documents called Lore. These scattered parchments provide insight into the land and people of Ehb, and collecting each piece of Lore soon becomes a personal challenge that can pay unexpected dividends. Naturally, Prima’s guide tells you exactly where to find each scrap of Lore, both in its step-by-step walkthrough (all Lore locations are labeled on the maps) and in the quick-reference checklist found in the Appendix at the book’s end. Not really interested in finding all of that Lore? No sweat! Our guide also sports a sylish Lorebook chapter, into which every scrap of Lore has been painstakingly transcribed for your perusal.

In Dungeon Siege III, many dialogues allow you to steer the conversation by offering one of several responses. Though it isn’t immediately obvious, the choices you make during many dialogues matter-for saying the right thing can earn you Influence with your current companion, which in turn leads to special bonuses as the bond between your chosen hero and their comrades grows stronger. Knowing just what to say is a breeze when you follow Prima’s guide-simply scan the walkthrough’s dialogue boxes to see if any Influence can be gained during a chat, along with the exact responses you must utter. And if you’d prefer not to follow our giant walkthrough, simply flip to the back of the book to find a quick-reference checklist of all Influence opportunities.

Still other conversation choices can affect the game’s plot and ultimate outcome. Will you choose to punish those who have acted against you, or can you find it in your heart to forgive? Whenever a critical decision arises, Prima’s guide gives full disclosure on all potential outcomes. There’s even an Appendix table for the many alternate endings you can arrive at depending on your choices. When you purchase Prima’s guide, the fate of Ehb truly rests in your hands!

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