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Dungeon Siege III: Let Battle Be Joined

by Prima Games Staff

Hail, Legionnaire! My name’s Steve Stratton, and I’m the author of Prima’s Official Guide to Dungeon Siege III. Now that the game and guide are on the shelves, I’d like to shed some insider light on this excellent game, as well as what you can expect to find within the pages of Prima’s painstakingly crafted, 240-page guide!

I must say, it’s been a while since I’ve played a hack n’ slasher as engaging as Dungeon Siege III. The combat system is a work of art—not just some, but all of your hero’s many moves and abilities are made instantly accessible at all times. Obsidian accomplished this through the use of simple modifier triggers that change the effects of pressing the basic controller buttons. It’s simple to grasp, yet allows for deep sense of control. And that comes in quite handy when you’re pulled into one of DS3’s countless, blistering battles!

Though simple to grasp, DS3’s combat system provides you with a wealth of strategic options. Maneuvering behind enemies to unleash lethal strikes is a bread-and-butter tactic, but there are many other nuances to learn and master. For example, each of your hero’s abilities can be upgraded in a variety of ways as experience is gained—but which upgrades should you choose, and when? Which stats are most useful to your chosen hero as they progress toward their full potential? Prima’s guide channels the answers into our massive, 45-page Cast chapter. Here we provide full disclosure on every hero’s abilities, including special data and insights handed down by the Creator Gods themselves—the sage-like developers at Obsidian! The guide kicks off with this informative chapter, giving you all the advanced knowledge you need to craft the ultimate Dungeon Sieger.

When it comes to mastering the finer points of exploration and combat, our 10th Legion Training chapter is a perfect place to learn all of the basics, as well as some more special insights provided by the friendly developers at Obsidian. For example, a revelatory chart lists how each point of Agility affects your chances of scoring critical hits depending on your current level—this extremely helpful information isn’t available just by playing the game, and is a good example of sort of hardcore data you can expect to find within Prima’s Official Guide!

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