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Dream a Little Dream Mansion

by Prima Games Staff

When you curl up under the covers and drift off to sleep, what do you dream about? If you’re in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, then you dream about other players’ towns, thanks to the new Dream Mansion building!
Dream Mansion

This magnificent structure isn’t available from the start, you have to build the Dream Mansion before you can embark on your subconscious journeys. To do that, keep an eye on your mayoral assistant. Talk to Isabelle when you first find her asleep at her desk, and a short while later, she’ll suggest building the Dream Mansion as a Public Works Project. When construction is finished, you’ll find this new addition on Main Street next to Club LOL.

The beautiful and mysterious Luna runs the Dream Mansion. Give Luna a player’s Friend Code, and she will allow you to visit that player’s town in your sleep. 

Once you’re cozy in your pajamas and zonked out, you’ll access the other player’s town, dream walking from here to there and doing what you please. Unlike when you are invited to visit a town, the town owner cannot see you or what you’re doing. This means, you don’t have to worry about any damage you might “accidentally” cause while you’re trouncing about.

Keep in mind that not all players allow access to their town through the Dream Mansion. So, even if you have someone’s Friend Code, you might not be able to dream about their town. 


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