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Dragon’s Dogma Expansion Revealed, Officially Coming This April

by Prima Games Staff

Capcom, hot on the heels of announcing Resident Evil: Revelations for consoles, is ready to make Dragon’s Dogma fans happy again.

The company has officially announced that its Dark Arisen expansion is coming soon for the game, ready to launch on April 23rd for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  Though full pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, the PS3 digital version is supposedly being set at around $39.99, indicating that it’s much more than a paltry add-on.

The game takes lace on the Bitterblack Isle off the Gransys mainland, and will have players making their way through an underground world as they snag new equipment, face unbelievable foes, and skill tier themselves something crazy.

We’ll have more details in the weeks ahead in a forthcoming preview, and may even be able to get hands-on soon, with GDC and PAX East just around the corner.