Dragon’s Dogma has officially become a franchise player.  Following the game’s release a couple of months ago and surpassing doubts that it wouldn’t be a best seller, the game has now cleared a million copies sold worldwide.  While this is hardly a first for Capcom, it shows that fresh blood still garners interest, and the company plans to keep it going with a sequel somewhere down the road.

"Dragon's Dogma has become Capcom's 55th title to top the one million level, demonstrating once again that Capcom ranks among the world's leading game producers in terms of technical and development skills," Capcom stated.

"Dragon's Dogma is part of Capcom's basic strategy of establishing game franchises through the creation of new brands. This game was developed with the goal of creating another pillar of earnings for Capcom alongside Monster Hunter and Sengoku Basara."

We’ll keep you informed of any new information on said sequel.  For now, though, definitely check the game out, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by it.