A Dragon’s Dogma Anime Is Coming This September

If you heard a loud noise last night, it was the sound of our excited screaming over a Dragon's Dogma anime being announced.

Dragon’s Dogma is one of those games that is definitely an underrated gem. While we don’t have a new game announcement to share at this time, we do have an exciting surprise that caught many unaware: Netflix is debuting an official Dragon’s Dogma anime this September, adapting Capcom’s fantasy hit in a way that fits the universe perfectly. 

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If it’s anything like the Castlevania anime adaptation, this is going to be amazing. While we don’t have too many details at this time, we do have the cover art featuring the opening scene of Arisen and one sinister looking Dragon. The new Dragon’s Dogma anime is slated to hit homes everywhere on September 17th. 

To say that fans were excited is a massive understatement:

The show’s listing is already up on the website for Netflix as well, with the description set: “Ethan sets out to vanquish the Dragon that took his heart, but with every demon he battles, the more he loses his humanity.” The listing also tells viewers that this show is “exciting, dark.” 

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The game series itself is one I can’t personally recommend enough. The story was beyond incredible and challenging in a way that many might not expect. The character creation was also amazing, allowing players to truly see themselves within this world – even if I did make all of my characters look like some variation of Hawke from Dragon Age. 

The Dragon’s Dogma anime is slated for a September 17th launch, are you ready? Sound off with your excitement over on Twitter @PrimaGames!

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