As you could tell from the strategic preview we put up a few days ago, Dragon's Crown for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita is shaping up to be one of the summer's most anticipated games.  Considering that Atlus is putting quite the push behind it, how could it not be?

Today, the publisher graced us with the first official cover art for the game, featuring a logo that's kind of hard to make out and fantastic art featuring most of the in-game characters.  For good measure, it's also come up with a whopper of a pre-order offer that will add to the anticipation.

If you pre-order either version of Dragon's Crown, you'll snag a special 64 page book at no additional charge, featuring full color art from the game, as well as bits and pieces submitted by the original Japanese artists, who worked with Vanillaware (the game's developer) on animations.  Now that's a collectible.

Be sure to pre-order Dragon's Crown now before its release on August 6th.  We assure you, it's something special.