Even though it has yet to hit our shores (we’re guessing sometime in 2013), Square Enix’s Dragon Quest X is driving pretty good sales in Japan, as it released for Nintendo 3DS this week.

Reports indicate that the game has already sold 420,000 units in its first week, and while that’s somewhat short compared to other DQ games, it shows a great deal of interest in the 3DS platform, and the numbers should continue to grow in the weeks ahead as new users come in to play.

Meanwhile, New Super Mario Bros. 2 continues to get in good sales, with an additional 213,000 units sold, digitally and in cartridge form.  The game has now sold 644,000 units since releasing last month, not too shabby for “another” Mario game.  You can expect it to arrive on our shores August 19.

The rest of the top five are pretty standard, with Pokemon Black and White 2, Demon Training and Just Dance Wii 2 rounding out the list.