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Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Has Local Multiplayer in One Map

It's something I guess.

The release date for Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero was announced earlier during the Summer Game Fest 2024 stream, and the title is set to come out on PC and consoles in October 2024. One of the most fun modes in the previous Budokai Tenkachi series was the split-screen multiplayer, and there wasn’t any confirmation about that in Sparking Zero. With the store pages updated, local multiplayer seems to be coming to Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero but in just one map.

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Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Local Multiplayer

According to the store pages, Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero will be a local offline multiplayer mode where players can fight with their friends, but only in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Here is the full description

Challenge other players online to test your skills, or sit down with friends offline to hone your skills exclusively in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber! Fight your way to become a champion across various tournament modes and victory conditions.

This description is also on the Steam page confirming it isn’t just a console-related limitation. Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero uses Unreal Engine 5, and with the amount of action in large-scale battles happening on screen, it’s probably a decision made to ensure performance and visuals aren’t compromised.

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber is a closed-off arena and there really isn’t anything in there apart from the fighters who enter the space. The developers haven’t confirmed why local multiplayer is limited to just one map, and we hope they consider expanding it, at least on PC.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Release Date

The game is coming to PC, Xbox Series S|X, and the PS5 on October 10, 2024. Check out the official release date reveal trailer below.

We’re very excited to see how the final release shapes up in October, and we hope that it’s everything fans have been waiting for.

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