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Dragon Ball FighterZ Broly and Bardock Release Date Info

by Bryan Dawson

With the latest Broly trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ followed by a Bardock trailer, many people have been wondering when the Broly release date will be, when Bardock releases and when the first season of DLC really kicks off. Bandai Namco has finally announced an official Dragon Ball FighterZ bardock release date of March 28. Below we’ll dive into this as well as take a look at when you should be expecting to see the next round of DLC in the game. For now we’ll let you know when to expect a Broly and Bardock release!

Broly and Bardock Release Date

  • March 28, 2018 at 7PM Pacific

Bandai Namco just confirmed exactly when players can expect to see Broly and Bardock make it into Dragon Ball FighterZ. That date comes next week on March 28, alongside the weekly maintenance for the title which runs from 6PM to 7PM Pacific (9PM-10PM Eastern). At the moment, both characters will show as locked on the character select screen. They will remain that way until the DLC is officially released. Bandai Namco stated this would happen at 7PM PT on March 28, but it could end up being earlier.

It was expected that Broly and Bardock would both release together since they were announced at the same time, and that’s exactly how the release is going to go. In addition, we just had a big patch come to Dragon Ball FighterZ that fixed many of the online issues with the game, just in time for Broly and Bardock to make their grand introduction for those who have already purchased the season pass or will be picking them up individually.

If you didn’t purchase the FighterZ Pass and have no plans to, you can pick up each individual DLC character for $5. At this point, many expect the next two DLC characters to be revealed in V-Jump magazine around the middle of April. If that happens, we’ll have all the information as soon as it hits!

Be sure to check back with Prima Games next month for confirmed details on what’s coming next for Dragon Ball FighterZ! Until then, you can find more information on Broly and Bardock in our Dragon Ball FighterZ game hub!

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