Bioware have released a few details on their forthcoming fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins.

The game is set to be released sometime early next year and will exclusively be coming to PC at the point of release.

It's set to be a dark and fantastical adult game with “credible” characters and well trained voice actors. It’s penned to be “gritty” and “emotionally intense”.

The party-based system in the game will allow teams to battle one or two enemies or “hordes” of them along with “massive creatures”.

There's the option to make new spells by combining others with skills and talents for customizable characters. There’s set to be a large amount of magical stuff to collect too.

"Dragon Age: Origins is a dark heroic fantasy that doesn't pull any punches. Our fans are in for the most emotionally intense gaming experience we've ever created, and we hope to surprise them with just how dark and gritty it gets," BioWare’s boss Ray Muzyka said.

We will have loads more information on Dragon Age: Origins when E3 comes this week, just keep checking the game's hub.