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Dragon Age: Legends for all

by Prima Games Staff

Dragon Age: Legends, BioWare’s Facebook addition to the Dragon Age series, is now available to everyone, and for free.

Legends has been developed by both BioWare and Electronic Arts’ Play4Free team EA2D, and has, until now, been in closed beta.

The Facebook game is set for release on the same day as Dragon Age II, and will unlock five items for use in the full title. These items come in the form of a belt, two rings and two amulets. The game is set in the period of the Free Marches, and features turn-based combat, co-op character progression and loot drops, which sounds pretty fully-featured for a flash game.

“We built Dragon Age Legends with one goal in mind: to bring the AAA quality gameplay BioWare is famous for to the social space,” Mark Spenner, head of EA2D said.

“Dragon Age Legends brings true RPG combat and style to this massive social platform and delivers it at BioWare blockbuster quality, raising the bar for social games.”

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