Dragon Age: Inquisition – In Your Heart Shall Burn

Find Skyhold, then travel to the Hinterlands to add Blackwell to your party.

To continue the main path of the Inquisition, you need to have a power level of at least one. Complete a side quest to reach that point if you haven’t already, then head back to the war room in Haven. Select the Ferelden side, then choose the location that goes along with the quest (it has the same name).

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Quest Objectives: Head to the gates, defend the north trebuchet and retake the south trebuchet

Head to the gate to initiate another cut-scene, then hold off the enemy forces until the northern trebuchet can fire. There will be three waves of enemies that you need to keep away from the trebuchet. Once the northern one fires, the waypoint marker moves to the southern trebuchet. Collect the loot in the area, then head to the new location.

Take out the initial batch of enemies surrounding the southern trebuchet, then direct your party to attack any enemies that target you. Make your way to the trebuchet and turn the gear. When the gear is fully turned it triggers another cut-scene. While turning the gear, have your mages cast barrier spells to give you more protection against the enemy forces. You can join the battle as well, but as soon as the gear is fully turned the fight comes to an end.

Quest Objective: Return to the gates and regroup at the chantry

As you make your way back to the gate, look for the quest marker on the right side of the main path. There’s an NPC here attempting to open a door. Pick one of your melee classes and attack the obstacles blocking the door to allow the NPC to enter. Just outside the building is an area where you can replenish your supplies.

When you reach the gates another cut-scene triggers. Slowly make your way toward the chantry (where the war room is located), defeating enemy forces as you go. Use the left-most path to find Seggrit trapped in the first building. Select one of your melee classes and continuously attack the door until it opens, then examine Seggrit to help him. Collect the loot in the corner, then proceed toward the chantry.

Another group of enemies attacks when you get close to the chantry. Take them down, then replenish your supplies in the middle area here (use the scan function to find the supply replenishment). Once you reach the chantry, you can circle around to the right to find one last group of enemies and save the remaining villagers. With the enemies down, make your way into the chantry for another cut-scene.

Quest Objective: Reach the trebuchet

Head toward the main gate, then down the path to the left just before the gate. This leads to the trebuchet. Enemies will attack sporadically as you progress and then mount a larger assault once you reach the trebuchet. Like before, you only need to turn the gear attached to the trebuchet to halt the attack. This time it takes much longer than it did before, and the enemies are stronger.

You will automatically stop turning the gear with every new wave of foes. You can take down each batch of new enemies, or set the rest of your party members to defend you and continue to turn the gear. The longer it takes to completely turn the gear, the more enemies will appear and the stronger the enemies become. If you’re looking for some XP, take down the first few sets of enemies, then focus exclusively on the gear when the boss-like enemies begin to appear. Turn the gear completely to trigger another cut-scene.

Quest Objectives: Find a way forward, then the war room and the blacksmith

You now have the Mark of the Rift ability. Make your way down the path to engage a group of enemies ahead. Follow the path toward the waypoint marker on the map. It’s a slow walk since you can’t run during this section, but after the screen fades out twice, you’ll finally trigger a proper cut-scene leading you back to the Inquisition. After some dialogue, you reach the new home of the Inquisition, Skyhold.

Your first order of business in Skyhold is to find the war room. Head into the undercroft door ahead (marked by the waypoint). Read the journal to the immediate left, the speak to Harritt in the middle of the room. This is where you’ll upgrade and craft weapons and armor, as well as adjust the layout of the castle and equip and upgrade your potions.

Head back out to the main hall, then head to the next available door slightly down the hall on the right. Head through the two doors, then speak to Josephine in the next room. Continue through the door ahead to reach the war room at the end of the hall.

Before you set out on your next journey, open the map and look for the quest, The Forgotten Boy. If you choose to allow Cole to stay, he will join your party as a rogue class. Once you have Cole, you can now take the necessary steps to continue the main quest line.

To progress the story, you now need a power level of 8 or power level of 30 depending on which main line quest you wish to follow first. Partake in side quests in the various regions until you obtain that power level. At this point, if you head to the Hinterlands and complete the Lone Warden quest (in the Inner Circle quest line), you will gain Blackwell (warrior class) as a party member.

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