Dragon Age: Inquisition – What Pride Had Wrought

Head to the Temple of Mythal, solve the puzzles within, then beat Samson!

Quest Objectives: Speak with the advisors in the war room and return to confirm the plan of attack

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You need a power level of 40 to proceed with this mission. Head to the war council room to partake in another cut-scene and allow Lady Morrigan to help you. After the cut-scene, head back to the war room a second time. Select the Orlais side of the map, then choose the “What Pride Had Wrought” mission near the lower half of the map.

Quest Objective: Reach the first blockade

After a lengthy set of cut-scenes, follow the path to the south. When it curves to the east, you will come across the first group of enemies. In this area there are plenty of Inquisition soldiers to assist you. Not everyone you see will be an enemy, and the Inquisition soldiers will fight alongside you as you make your way to the east. When you reach the small waterfall, press to the north until you can continue to the east again.

Quest Objective: Reach the second blockade

When you reach the enemy camp site ahead, proceed with caution. The enemies here are stronger than the enemies you’ve faced up until this point. They hit hard and can bring down your party in only a few attacks. Make sure your mages keep a barrier spell active as often as possible. Focus on the Sentinel Shadow first before worrying about the other enemies. Defeat the enemies, then loot the camp to find a supply replenishment box. Continue down the path, which now pushes north before curving back to the east.

Quest Objective: Reach the final blockade

The first enemies you encounter when you reach the next area are Red Templar Behemoths. These large creatures have strong fire resistance but are weak to cold-based attacks. Clear the enemies, then follow the path to the north. When you get close to the next waypoint, look for a path that leads east. There are more enemies here, but the path leads to a small structure with loot, including supply replenishment. Head back to the main path (the river) and follow it north to reach the temple gates.

Quest Objectives: Enter the Temple of Mythal and find a way deeper into the temple

Replenish your supplies and pick up the loot just outside of the temple entrance. As you make your way into the temple you’ll trigger another cut-scene. After the cut-scene, continue down the path, moving deeper into the temple.

As you approach the top of the stairs, several dead bodies are on the ground. Examine one to replenish your supplies. When you reach the very top of the stairs, head around to the east and west sides to find more loot in the adjacent hallways. Once everything has been collected, attempt to open the main doorway to the south. Upon failure to open the door, head due north to the alter in the middle of the area to trigger another cut-scene.

Quest Objective: Complete the ritual to open the door

The puzzle here is fairly simple: don’t step on the same stone twice. There’s a single row of stones that circle the center of the alter, then a second row just north of the alter. Start on the south side and work your way east around to the north side of the alter, stepping on the stones as you go and stopping on the stone in the northeast corner. Once you reach the corner, move in an S-shaped path (west, then south, west, north, west, then finally south again) to step on every stone as you move to the west side of the alter. Complete your circle around the alter to solve the puzzle.

Quest Objective: Journey deeper into the temple

Head back up the stairs to the south and through the freshly unlocked door. Go down the next hallway and through the second door to initiate another cut-scene. Immediately following the cut-scene, you’re ambushed by a number of enemies. Your party should stay in close formation here, making it easy for your mage to cast a barrier spell on the entire party. Attacks that hit multiple targets work very well to dispatch this group of enemies.

Quest Objectives: Defeat Samson’s minions and follow Samson through the hold or perform the rituals

Defeat the enemies to trigger another cut-scene. You now have the option to complete a series of puzzles or storm right in and challenge your enemy. If you wish to storm in, drop down through the hole in the center of the room. We chose to solve the puzzles.

There are three new waypoints in three rooms lining the main room, two to the east and one to the west. Head into the southeastern room to find another puzzle similar to the one from the alter before. This one is a little more involved, as you’ll have to do more than simply run in a circle.

Starting on the stairs to the west of the platform, walk east along the first two southern tiles (the tiles on the right). Follow the path around as it turns the corner and stay to the south as you reach the opening ahead near the center of the platform. When you reach the end of the southern-most row of stones, move one stone to the north, then one stone to the west and one stone to the north again.

Just east of your present position should be gold stones on the ground. These do not count toward the puzzle. Step onto the gold stones and pull the lever to the east. This lowers the gates ahead (closing the gates behind you) and allows you to reach the far east side of the platform.

Step on the first unlit stone to the south, then move one stone to the east, which should be as far east as you can go without turning. Turn to the south to move over one stone, then head as far east as you can go. When you reach the end, move one stone to the north, then snake around the stones here like you did before (east, north, west, north, east, north, west, north). This should put you in the northeast corner of the platform, with only stones to the west.

Go as far west as you can, then move one stone to the south and one stone to the west. The gold stones should be directly south of your present position. Step on the gold stones and pull the lever a second time. This reopens the gates to the west that were closed when you pulled the lever before.

If you move to the northwest tip of this section of gold stones, there should be three unlit stones around you, one to the west, one northwest and one north. Step on the stone to the west, then move north one stone, then east one stone. Now you should only have one last path of stones to take. Move one stone to the north, then go as far west as you can and complete the circle ending back on the stairs.

Head back out to the main chamber, then proceed down the stairs to the north and into the room in the northeast corner. Go up the stairs just west of the platform in the middle of the room. This is another stone puzzle just like the two previous puzzles.

Start on the south stone again (the one on the right), then move south one more stone. Move as far east as you can, then snake the next set of stones (move one stone to the north, one stone to the west, one stone to the north, one stone east, then finally one stone north). Move as far west as you can go, then one stone south, two stones east, one stone south and finally one last stone east.

Head back to the main chamber and continue into the room to the west. Go up the stairs to find a third puzzle. Start on the southern stone again (the left side this time). Move two stones to the south, one stone west, two stones north, one stone west, one north, two east, two north, one west, then one south.

This series of movements should place you right next to the stairs on the east side. Go up the stairs (which do not count toward the puzzle), then start on the stone to the north (the right side). Move three stones to the west, one south, two east, three south, two west, one south and finally two west.

No, you’re not done yet. Quickly jump onto the gold stones to the south, then drop down onto the stairs to the southeast. From here, face west and start on the northern stone (the one on the right). Move two more stones to the west, then one stone south, two east, three south, two west, one south and two east.

You should now be right next to the stairs again, this time on the south side of the platform. Head down the stairs to find one last set of stones. Start on the southern stone (the one on the right), then move two stones north, one west, one north, one east, two north, one east, then finally five to the south to complete the final puzzle.

The outskirts of the two platforms here have a small amount of loot if you want to circle around to pick it up. Otherwise, head back into the main chamber, then through the door to the south to initiate a cut-scene.

Quest Objectives: Journey still deeper into the temple and follow the Sentinel guide to the Well of Sorrows

Decide if you wish to ally with the Sentinels or go against them (we chose to ally with them). Head out the eastern door and follow the Sentinel through the temple, collecting loot as you go. There are several doors that lead to various battles going on throughout the temple. You can help the Sentinels and engage their enemies, or you can continue to follow the Sentinel who is leading you through the safe route.

When you reach the top and the Sentinel stops moving, loot the room, prepare for battle and head through the eastern door. Defeat the enemies that await beyond the door, then continue through the next two doors to the south. Loot the Sentinel on the ground just ahead to replenish your supplies, then head down the stairs to initiate another cut-scene followed by a boss battle against Samson.

Boss Battle: Samson
HP: 46,488

  • Immunity: Frozen, Paralyzed, Panicked, Physical Effects, Slowed
  • Perceptive

While Samson is immune to just about everything and has quite a bit of health, this is not a difficult boss battle. There are several other enemies that fight alongside Samson. Focus on these enemies first and make sure a mage (or multiple mages) keep a barrier spell up as often as possible. All of these enemies hit very hard and can quickly dismantle your party if allowed to attack relentlessly without the protection of barrier spells.

Samson frequently uses an ability that stuns your entire party. If the additional enemies are alive when this ability is used, you will not be able to defend yourself from their attacks and your party won’t last long. It’s extremely important to focus on the additional enemies and take them out as quickly as possible. Attacks that hit multiple enemies work very well while the additional enemies are alive.

Once you’ve defeated the other foes, focus your attention on Samson. You need at least one warrior equipped with a sword and shield to take Samson’s attacks head on. The rest of your party can spread out to make it more difficult for Samson to attack anyone else. Your mage should keep a barrier on your warrior as often as possible. So long as the warrior holds the Samson’s attention, casting barrier spells on the other party members is secondary.

You will get stunned multiple times throughout the battle, but so long as Samson is the only enemy alive while you’re stunned, it won’t be an issue. Defeat Samson to watch a lengthy cut-scene. After the cut-scene you must decide who will take the power of the well. Once the decision has been made, you watch another cut-scene and end up in Skyhold.

Return to the Dragon Age: Inquisition Walkthrough. or continue on to The Final Piece and Doom Upon All the World.

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