Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Final Piece and Doom Upon All the World

Find the Altar of Mythal to power up, then beat Corypheus and the Red Lyrium Dragon in the final boss battle.

Quest Objectives: Speak with Morrigan in Skyhold’s garden, join Morrigan at the Altar of Mythal and approach the altar

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Once you’re back at Skyhold, head to the gardens to speak with Morrigan. There’s a fast travel point nearby for easy access. Speak with Morrigan to initiate a cut-scene. When you’re ready to head out, open the Quest Map, then view the World Map and select the small icon for the Altar of Mythal in the middle of the map, near the bottom. Head down the southeast path as you make your way toward the altar.

When you reach the altar, use it to trigger another cut-scene. After the cut-scene, loot the box right next to the altar. Head back to the point where you entered the area to return to Skyfall.

Doom Upon All the World – Speak with the advisors in the war room

Once you arrive at Skyfall, enter the war room. Select the Ferelden side of the map, then choose “Doom Upon All the World” in the middle of the map on the left side to initiate a cut-scene. After the cut-scene you face off against Corypheus in the final boss battle.

Boss Battle: Corypheus
HP: 108,101

  • Immunity: All disabling effects
  • Perceptive

Boss Battle: Red Lyrium Dragon
HP: 190,279 (95,139 when the fight begins)

  • Immunity: All disabling effects, Slowed
  • Perceptive

The ideal party setup for this battle are three mages (all with barrier spells) and a warrior equipped with a sword and shield and as many taunt abilities as possible. The final battle against Corypheus is divided into multiple phases. The first battle pits your party against Corypheus. He is immune to virtually everything and hits very hard. Ranged attackers (especially mages) are the best form of offense against Corypheus. He moves around quite a bit, making it difficult for melee damage dealers to inflict consistent damage.

As always, maintain a barrier spell as often as possible. If your party is too spread out to hit everyone with a barrier spell, focus on the ranged attackers since your sword and shield warrior should have ample defense. Use potions as often as you need to, as there will be an opportunity to replenish your supplies twice during this final battle.

After a short time Corypheus moves up the stairs to a new location. He moves so far away that your party will sheath their weapons. Head up the stairs toward the new waypoint on the map. Along the way you will come across a box to replenish your supplies. When you reach the top, engage Corypheus again and bring him down to 50 percent health to see a cut-scene with the two dragons battling it out.

When both dragons fall to the ground, you must engage the Red Lyrium Dragon. Luckily the dragon has roughly 50 percent health, making it a bit easier to engage. Once again, keep barrier spells up as often as possible. Aim for the dragon’s legs to slow its movement and keep your ranged attackers away from the dragon to avoid its claw attacks. Warriors and other melee classes take precedence when it comes to barrier spells and potions.

The dragon generally targets the main tank (your sword and shield warrior in most cases) with a lengthy dragon’s breath attack. Stay behind the dragon to avoid this and keep a barrier on the target to protect that party member. The dragon has a great deal of health and uses additional armor multiple times throughout the fight, making this a lengthy battle.

Once the dragon is nearly dead, another cut-scene triggers in which you deliver the final blow. This is followed by another trek up the stairs. Along the way there’s another supply replenishment box to refill your health potions. This is the final one, so make sure you use all of your potions to bring your party’s health to full before accessing the replenishment box.

At the top of the stairs Corypheus waits again. He has the same amount of health you left him with, but he teleports around much more frequently. Once again, this is a tough battle for melee damage dealers as they have to move around a lot, lowering their damage output.

Corypheus uses multiple beam-like projectile attacks which are likely to hit every party member. Keep a barrier up as often as possible to protect against this attack. If you have a warrior with multiple taunt abilities it shouldn’t be difficult to keep Corypheus occupied, so the only damage your other party members take is from the beam attack. If you only have one mage, save your barrier spells for the moment when you see the beam attack start. This will help limit the damage and save your potions for when you really need them.

If you continue to focus on Corypheus  with your warrior drawing most of his attacks, it won’t be long before he finally goes down. After the final cut-scene, speak to any party members you wish to hear from, then head to your quarters through the door in the northeast corner of the hall (across from the Undercroft room).

Congratulations, you have completed the main quest line of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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