Heads of Bioware Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka stated to MTV Multiplayer that they won’t be adding any kind of multiplayer or co-op to upcoming bloody RPG Dragon Age: Origins.

"This is a single-player game, and we chose to make it so that we really invest you as the character going through the world and make the experience that much more immersive and deep," Muzyka explained.

"But there is a social space outside the game. We know the world is connected and how important that is, so we've integrated the community and the game together.

"There's a ton of downloadable content planned, and also the user content generation tool is going to release. So user-generated content, at least on PC - we'll explore whether it's feasible on the console systems - will be shared with other players and fans. There's also servicing of your Achievements and what you've done in the game; that'll be true on all the systems," he continued.

We recently saw Dragon Age: Origins postponed in order to allow the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game to launch simultaneously. The idea of this is to allow BioWare to add a few finishing touches and create and unleash a great marketing campaign.

Zeschuk and Muzyka are insistent that Dragon Age will bring about a comeback of the kind of passion for RPGs gamers had back when Baldur’s Gate was huge.

"Dragon Age is taking stuff we've done in the past with Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights to a new level, kind of mashing together the best of features," declared Muzyka. "It's a pretty exciting combination."

The company is presently hard at work on Dragon Age: Origins, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Mass Effect 2.

When speaking of what is to come, Muzyka stated "You'll see more stuff along the vein of Dragon Age: Origins. You'll see more stuff from our MMO team [The Old Republic] and there's stuff we haven't announced yet that's different from all of those."