For those that read the Dragon Age books, you know that they are absolutely essential to understanding the more subtle details of the games, especially so with The Masked Empire and Dragon Age: Inquisition. It's because of that intimate correlation history that a new anthology has all eyes on it and it looks to be huge teasers for what's next in-line with the Solas x Red Lyrium teaser from the Video Game Awards last year for Dragon Age 4.  

Given that the ending of the Trespasser DLC in Dragon Age Inquisition shows off a very frustrated looking Inquisitor stabbing a map of the Tevinter Imperium in their search for Solas, it's been pretty obvious that this is where the next game will take place. Nevermind the fact that the most recent comics also had a heavy focus on the blood mage capital of the world, even including one of the Inquisitor's inner circle: Dorian.

With the Mages vs. Templars being a huge focus in the games since Dragon Age Origins, and the plot of Solas and his relation to the veil, it would seem that Tevinter would be the perfect place for this all-magical showdown, especially so after the Mage Killer comics by Dark Horse. 

For those that enjoyed the latter half of the Dragon Age books, Patrick Weekes is definitely a treat and also the current lead writer of Dragon Age 4 itself. He is currently serving as the editor for a new anthology, a collection of short stories, appropriately called Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights. 

Since it's a collection, there's no definitive description of the stories, but that sure does look like one Miss Leliana on the front, and no one can miss a flying Qunari. 

The new Dragon Age book possibly hiding Dragon Age 4 details is available to pre-order for $18.99 and you can get your copy right here