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Lead Anthem Developers Are Now Focused On Dragon Age 4

by Liana Ruppert

Now that Dragon Age 4 is officially a go follow last year’s Game Awards reveal, BioWare is shifting its main focus back to one of their key mainstay franchises. 

Dragon Age and Mass Effect are two very recognizable franchises for the studio. Following Mass Effect Andromeda’s controversy following a large portion of the team being pulled to work on Anthem, it looks like the latest IP is in a place where they can move forward without a full staff.

Though that’s not unusual for live-service games a few months following release, some players expressed their worry that the decision to shift focus away from Anthem meant that BioWare was giving up support for the online game. Since Anthem had a rocky start regarding glitching issues, long loading screens, and other technical mishaps, some feel that Anthem in its current state isn’t ready to not be fully backed. That being said, the company has been pushing patches nonstop since launch and work is well underway for the continuing acts. Dragon Age 4 is no small feat, it makes sense that they would want the veterans of BioWare on the upcoming game. 

The move from working on Anthem to Dragon Age wasn’t immediate. Key members of the leading dev team have been gradually shifting over to Dragon Age 4 over the past several weeks, making it not an immediate jump and a good sign that they aren’t just abandoning Anthem. 

Dragon Age veteran Mark Darrah is among those brought back over to the world of Thedas alongside Mike Gamble and Jonathan Warner. 

Following the backlash of Anthem and a few reports alleging workplace troubles, the shift in team allocation could mean that EA and BioWare’s relationship when working on the future of Dragon Age could be moving into a more healthy standpoint in terms of connecting to long-time fans. 

We still don’t have a release date at this time, but you can check out the Dragon Age 4 teaser trailer above if you missed it earlier. 

Liana Ruppert

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