Activision has announced that it is expanding its movie-licensed action game The Amazing Spider-Man with new pieces of downloadable content on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. You can buy each of these for around $3-$4 a pop (240 to 320 Microsoft points), or buy them all in one shot for $10 (800 Microsoft points).


The four packs couldn't be any more different if they tried. In Lizard Rampage, you play as the former villain seeking out dangerous Oscorp enemies on his own terms. (This pack also comes with a cool new Spidey costume.) The Oscorp Search & Destroy Pack opens up two fun new mini-games featuring Oscorp robots in classic game settings.


As for the other two, they were originally offered as pre-order bonuses but are now available to everyone. The Rhino Challenge Pack lets you rampage through city streets in the fastest time possible, wrecking taxi cabs for extra points. Finally, there's the Stan Lee Adventure Pack, where you control the legendary creator – with Spidey abilities – as he cleans up New York and finds manuscript pages.


On a side note, the game is also available for digital purchase on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network for $59.99, if you don't have it already.