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Double Dragon Fighting Game (Almost) Rage of the Dragons Coming to Consoles

by Lucas White

In 1995, a Double Dragon fighting game was released for Neo Geo arcade platforms. In a very familiar move, this game was produced as a tie-in to the… whimsical Double Dragon Hollywood movie. Several years later a sequel emerged, and it was much more well-received by fighting game fans.

The only problem was that the Double Dragon license was yanked away during development. That game ended up being called Rage of the Dragons, and it’s about to come to consoles.

Double Dragon Fighting Game (Almost) Rage of the Dragons Coming to Consoles

Rage of the Dragon, a 2002 arcade game that only appeared on Neo Geo hardware, hasn’t been seen since despite its curious history. That’s changing, as this week QUByte Interactive revealed a port of the game is coming to modern consoles.

There’s no release date yet, or word on new features. But this nearly official Double Dragon fighting game is finally coming out of the history books.

Based on Technos’ classic brawler (now owned by Arc System Works), Rage of the Dragons is a tag team fighter that lets players swap characters in the middle of the fight. The benched character recovers health, and a meter can be used for multi-character super moves. 

The connection to Double Dragon is pretty obvious when you see the main characters, Billy and Jimmy (surname Lewis in this game rather than Lee). There’s also “Abubo,” who is the other conspicuous missing link between the original license plans and what Rage of the Dragons ended up being.

Other characters in the game are references to Double Dragon mainstays such as Karnov.

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